Seal Action Committee

The SAC advocates the sensible management of the Cape and Islands shorelines and is dedicated to preserving the coastal waters of the Cape and Islands for recreation and traditional uses and to protecting our beaches and waters from the many and varied threats to our economy, health and environment posed by the rapidly expanding seal population.


For a look at a winter 2014 video of gray seals blanketing the Great Point shoreline, please click this link:

The gray seal population on the beaches and shores of Cape Cod and the Islands is exploding, threatening the historical inshore fishing culture and economy of the region as well as the safety and sanitation of some of our most popular beaches.  We believe it is time to reassert some measure of control over this population through an amendment or exception to the Marine Mammal Protection Act which would require management of the gray seal population.

Seals at Great Point 2014

Photo by Quint Waters

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