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Ladies and Gentlemen,


Herewith a late summer update on the SAC.  We have been busy working to expand our coalition, to raise awareness of the gray seal issue and to heighten our own visibility and effect. 


We are essentially engaged in a three-step process:


  1. Obtaining a current census of the gray seal population in Nantucket Sound;

  2. Determining the impact of the population on the shoreline-based economy and environment of the region;

  3. Pursuing a plan of action to ameliorate the impact. 


In these pursuits, the following has been accomplished over the summer to date:


  • Responding to our request for support, the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce has officially endorsed our efforts to research the gray seal problem and its impact.

  • We have made a formal presentation to the Commissioners of the Nantucket Land Bank who seemed sympathetic to our cause.  We have been promised a formal response and are awaiting it.

  • We made formal SAC presentations to the members of the Quidnet Squam  Association and the Wauwinet Landowners Association.  These presentations produced additional SAC adherents.

  • We have been authorized by the leadership of the Community Foundation of Nantucket to establish a Gray Seal Research Fund within the CFN that can receive tax-exempt contributions.

  • The SAC is now incorporated and we have filed with the IRS for 501©4 tax-exempt status.  In the process we have received an Employer Identification Number that has enabled us to open a bank account at the Cape Cod Five.

  • We have formally engaged the services of a Washington-based lobbyist, Kraig Siracuse of Park Strategies.   Kraig vacations on Nantucket Island and has volunteered his services.

  • Another Nantucket vacationer, George Grochala, an environmental lawyer, has been keeping us closely informed of seal-related issues elsewhere that can help guide us through the thicket of the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

  • We traveled to the Cape to visit the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen’s Association and local tackle shops.

  • In response to our visit, the WHOI is exploring a research project aimed at determining the size and impact of the gray seal population in Nantucket Sound.  A very impressive young man- Hauke Kite-Powell by name- is advancing this project.  We have followed-up by meeting with Dr. David Gallo, Director of Special Projects at the WHOI, who believes we have an important and timely mission.

  • In our meeting with the CCCHFA we encountered a group concerned about the gray seal population explosion but with no plan of action in the works.  There should be opportunities to make common cause down the road.

  • In our visit to the big Goose Hummock tackle shop in Orleans, we found highly agitated kindred spirits who have eagerly embraced our seal abatement petition and are rapidly generating signatures on it!

  • We have developed two foundational documents entitled “Frequently and Recently Asked Questions” and “Message Points and a Call to Action”.

  • We have shared these documents with the news reporters on the Island and on Cape Cod.  The Cape Cod Times has picked up on them, citing our perspectives and action plans in a recent major article.

  • We are awaiting the same coverage from interviews recently given to a reporter from our weekly Nantucket newspaper (Inky and M) “The Inquirer and Mirror”.

  • Through the good offices of Crocker Snow, the gray seal issue will be featured in a fall edition of  “Living on Earth”, a weekly program on National Public Radio.

  • We are set to meet with State Representative, Tim Madden, on September 13 to engage him in our cause.

  • Finally, we have succeeded in raising some SAC seed money from a handful of generous lead donors which will enable us to get more professionally organized, elaborate our website and mount a broad-based campaign for dues-paying members.  You will be hearing more from us in this connection!




Peter Krogh, Pete Howell, Guy Snowden, Ken Kassan and Crocker Snow, serving as Officers and/or Directors of the Seal Action Coalition, Inc.

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