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December 30, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Seal Action Coalition:


The SAC has been in existence now for one year.  Here is its first annual report in the form of a list of accomplishments:


  • SAC Mission Statement and Charter drafted.

  • SAC incorporation in process with the law firm of Stevenson McKenna and Callanan

  • SAC motto, logo and letterhead created.

  • SAC petition drafted and circulated (circa 1,000 signatures to date)

  • SAC officially endorsed by the Nantucket Anglers’ Club.

  • SAC website established (www.sealactioncommittee.com)

  • SAC contact and communication with NOAA and USFWS officials and the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce.

  • SAC covered in major articles in “N” magazine and the Inky&M and recognized in the editorial section of “Salt Water Sportsman” magazine.

  • SAC invited to attend the winter 2012 “Gulf of Maine Seal/Fisheries Interactions and Integrated Research Meeting”.


As SAC enters year two, its priorities will be as follows:


  • Complete the process of incorporation.

  • Establish a SAC bank account at the Nantucket office of the Cape Cod Five.

  • Launch a SAC dues paying membership and major donor campaign.

  • Develop further coverage of the SAC in regional publications (e.g. the “Cape Cod Times” and “On the Water” magazine) and national publications (e.g. the “New York Times”).

  • Seek additional endorsements/partners (e.g. the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen’s Association)

  • Establish a strategy, and accompanying tactics, for seeking relief from, or a revision of, the Marine Mammal Protection Act to allow dispersion of the gray seals.

  • Continue our investigation of non-lethal deterrent options.

  • Initiate contact with, and briefing of, state and local officials/legislators.

You will be hearing from us as we ask for your assistance in working through the agenda outlined above. Meanwhile, “Seal Team Three” thanks you for your engagement with the SAC cause and wishes you a Happy New Year. 


Peter Krogh, Peter Howell and Guy Snowden.

SAC Annual Report 2011