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SAC 2012 PRESIDENT’S REPORT              


The Seal Action Committee made good progress during 2012 and is now poised, both organizationally and financially, to make significant gains in 2013.


Organizationally the following was accomplished:

  • The SAC completed its incorporation and filed with the IRS for 501©4 status.

  • Crocker Snow (who owns most of Muskeget Island) was formally voted onto the SAC Bard of Directors, which currently numbers five.

  • The CPA firm of Burke & Lamb has been engaged to handle all IRS matters.

  • A SAC bank account was established at the Cape Cod Five.

  • Kraig Siracuse of Park Startegies in Washington, DC has been engaged to shape and handle SAC’s legislative strategy and relations.

  • A part-time administrative assistant, Anne Bertolino, has been engaged.  She has moved immediately to elaborate the SAC website and to establish its Facebook page and email address. 

  • A pro bono Research Associate, Kyle Woodhead, has been engaged.  His first initiative has been to drill down on the state of the art in the seal acoustic deterrence field.

  • A SAC letterhead. SAC business cards and a SAC decal have been designed.

  • A SAC membership plan has been designed for implementation in 2013.

  • A Gray Seal Research Fund was established at the Community Foundation for Nantucket enabling supporters of SAC research to make tax-deductible contributions that can be allocated to SAC research priorities.

  • A division of responsibility among the SAC leadership was agreed upon as follows:  Peter Krogh: SAC administration and SAC communications with the coalition and the media; Guy Snowden: SAC incorporation and membership campaign and SAC legislative relations; Pete Howell: SAC research and SAC liaison with CFN, WHOI, PCCS, NOAA and USFWS; Ken Kassan: SAC bank account and books and SAC liaison with tackle shops.

Financially the following was accomplished:

  •  A circle of potential lead donors was solicited for SAC operating funds netting $7,000.

  • The Gray Seal Research at the CFN has netted $7,500 to date.

  • A year-end solicitation letter has been sent to circa sixteen selected individuals on the SAC core email list with results pending.

Beyond organizational and financial progress, the SAC achieved operational results that served to broaden its coalition and reinforce its public message.  These included the following:

  • The Nantucket Chamber of Commerce and the Nantucket Land Bank formally endorsed SAC’s research mission.

  • Active contact has been established with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution looking toward SAC sponsored gray seal research within the WHOI.

  • Effective communication has been established with Representative Tim Madden who supports the SAC cause and who has been in contact with NOAA on the gray seal issue.  Recently we were contacted by Representative Sarah Peake (Provincetown) who wants to meet with the SAC early in the New Year.

  • A communication line has been established between the SAC and the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fisherman’s Association.

  • The large Goose Hummock Tackle Shop in Orleans on the Cape has actively supported the SAC cause and is carrying a SAC ad in its 2013 “Outdoor Guide”.

  • Stories on the SAC have been carried in the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror, the Cape Cod Times and the Cape Cod Chronicle.

  • Arrangements are being made to feature the gray seal issue on NPR’s “Living on Earth” show.

  • The SAC has been contacted by several journalists interested in doing in-depth articles on the gray seal issue.

  • SAC presentations were made to the Quidnet/Squam Citizens Association and to the Wauwinet Land Owners Association.

  • Signatures on the SAC petition now number circa 1400.  The petitions are now being mined for the names and coordinates of prospective SAC members.

Looking ahead to 2012, SAC priorities will include:

  • Mounting a membership drive supported by a SAC brochure and decal.

  • Making targeted research grants to secure the scientific data the SAC needs to effectively pursue its mission.

  • Following up with legislative contacts to address MMPA management issues directly with NOAA and with the Executive Director of the U.S. Maine Mammal Commission.

  • Continuing to disseminate the SAC perspective and mission through media outlets and public meetings.


Respectfully submitted,


Peter Krogh, President, SAC Inc.

Nantucket, December 2012

SAC Annual Report 2012